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Child Astrology

Raising children is a big job, no matter what your kid’s zodiac sign. Astrology can help you make sense of the process. We think of your child’s birth chart as the “owner’s manual” that each person is secretly born with. Kid’s astrology is a very crucial science in astrology and Vedic astrology. Have you been wondered, why different children from the same family have different physical set and different in their character and their mental set up. The personality of the star sign can be easily seen in your child. There is lot of questions that worries parents about their children. How child astrology is important and how it can help your child to get rid of the negativities and the difficulties faced by him/her in their life course. Children are usually governed by the fifth house of the horoscope. This house in your horoscope shows the prospects of having children.
How is this report prepared?
Using the date, time and place of birth of the child, our expert Vedic Astrologer will prepare a birth chart of your child. After that, he will look into all the favorable as well as unfavorable planetary positions and combinations that existed during the birth. Based on these, future predictions for your child as well as for the family will be made.
How will this report benefit you?
Child Astrology report will review the strength of the horoscope of your child and on that basis the overall luck. It will also read the favorable and unfavorable planetary aspects in the birth chart of your child. You can use the strong points of his birth chart to make the best use of opportunities, and brace yourself and protect your child during difficult times. Each child of a specific sign is unique in itself. There are 12 zodiacs and we can see far the difference in the nature and character of a specific zodiac sign.
Aries Child:
Traits, Personality & Characteristics The Aries child seems to run with a star cluster for on-going booster power. As soon as an Aries baby can move they'll reach out for every part of their environment, wanting to experience it to the fullest.
Taurus Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics With the Taurus symbol being that of a Bull, it's often times surprising to know that the Taurus child is very sensitive in every way. This star sign is so sensitive in fact, that their five best friends are sight, taste, touch, smell and soun.
Gemini Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics A Gemini child is intelligent and dynamic because Mercury is the Lord of Gemini. These children are known for their varied interest. These babies crawl among the house and curious by nature.
Cancer Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics A cancer child is a dreamer. The Moon, a planet of dream, rules them. These sensitive child are “emotional eaters” and like to put things in their mouth which they like the most.
Leo Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics Leo child is ruled by the Sun and wants the center of attraction. Leo babies are happy, smiling and outgoing. They love bright colors and sound. They like to travel with their toys and love adventures.
Virgo Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics Virgos are known for taking charge and loving order. These sweet babies will keep you on your toes, but they're lovebugs, too. Read on to see what's in store for you and your little Virgo.
Libra Childs:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics This is a highly social child. Ruler of Venus, love to enjoy and happy with the beautiful toys and tasty foods. They have a highly imaginative mind. They have no problem sharing their toys and stuff with other friends.
Scorpio Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics Scorpio child are incredibly smart and adoring, but they also have a greedy and sometimes down-right scary spitful side.
Sagittarius Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics Sagittarius child are born to be on move. They tend to be very restless and independent, and will grow up to be travel the world.
Capricorn Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics Saturn rules this sign. They are social and outgoing and crave the company of the other kids. They are family oriented and love celebrations and other social activities. They hate liars and stay away from them.
Aquarius Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics These are the babies “Einstein” of the zodiac. These kids can be bit eccentric and they only rebel if you try to tame their antics. They ruled teamwork, as they are water born.
Pisces Child:
Traits, Personality & Chahracteristics The true mark of a Pisces is a sensitive personality. This means that your little one will be extra-attuned to your emotional state. If you notice that your baby's mood often mirrors your own, it's your Pisces baby showing off her intuitive emotions.

  • Astrologer Pankaj Khanna is based in Janak Puri, New Delhi, India. He has earned name as renowned astrologer not only in India but all over the world.