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Going Abroad Prospect

It is an inherent desire of most people to travel to foreign countries. Most of the people spend their vacations and some of them get settle there for a better lifestyle.
One of the preconditions to travel abroad is a strong and positive Moon. Along with Moon, Venus is another planet that can make you go to foreign countries. Rahu-Ketu or Shani create conditions that make you settle abroad. If these planets are strong, then the settlement is permanent.
If you want to know about going abroad prospect or VideshYatra Yoga, then you consult AstroPankaj who will provide you right time and date for your prospect about going abroad. He will go through your kundli to check the chances of visiting foreign countries. He’ll give you predictions about your future life while living abroad. He will also give remedies if any kind of hurdle is experienced while foreign travel. He provides his clients complete foreign travel report to describe their foreign travel prospects.

Periods When Foreign Travels Are Indicated:

Here we tell you about the right time which indicates in your natal chart for going abroad. The person may take foreign trips during any of the time period mentioned below,
1. Dasa/ bhukti of the 9th lord or the 12th lord, or the planets that are in association with the 12th lord (by placement or aspect).
2. Dasa/ bhukti of the planets that are associated with Moon
3. Dasa/ bhuktis of Rahu, Venus, or Moon if these planets are in the 12th house.
4. Dasa/ bhuktis of exalted/ debilitated planets in the horoscope.
5. Sub-periods of Ketu and Rahu in the major period of Rahu.
6. Jupiter bhukti in Saturn dasa (if Jupiter owns 12th house)
7. Dasa/ bhukti of the planets associated with the 9th lord.
8. When Saturn in its transit crosses the natal position of Sun.
9. When Jupiter in its transit aspects the 9th or 12th house, or aspects the 9th/ 12th house lords.
10. Foreign journeys are experienced even during sade-sathi.
Please remember the fact that astrological predictions should be considered only as a guide for your life and you should not totally depend on them. Astrological principles are true and accurate but as astrologers we have our limitations and may not be able to predict 100% accurately.

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