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Pitra Dosh

Pitra Dosh Astrology has a perfect explanation to “Pitra Dosh” problem. In this world, a person’s death can be classified in two ways i.e. natural death and immature death. Natural death takes place due to the God but the immature death occurs mainly because of “Pitra Dosh”. We have seen the sudden deaths of Rajiv Gandhi, Harshad Mehta, Pramod Mahajan, Indra Gandhi, Sanjay Gandhi, Subash Chandra Bose, Dayna and the upcoming singer Ishmit Singh which attracts our mind towards the “Pitra Dosh”.

According to some expert’s belief, there is pitra dosh in horoscope if the native doesn’t do shradh and pind daan and therefore the native is punished by his forefathers who are dead. But I disagree with this point of view as according to my view our ancestors never punish us for any reason. One has to bear the cost of karmas done by his father in his life either it’s good or bad. Just like the genetic disease come from father to son. And it is called pitra dosh. Half knowledge is dangerous, it is important for you to have detailed information about 'Pitru Dosh'.

Astrology has a perfect explanation to this problem. When, knowingly or unknowingly, our ancestors committed mistakes or sins, it is reflected in our horoscope as Pitru Dosh. Being their children, we are destined to suffer from the ill-effects. Because of the malefic effects of the inflicted planets, benefic planets also stop giving favourable results.

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