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Pregnancy Prospect

The famous quote, "A child is a God's Gift" Indeed the little bundle of joy is a precious gift for their family. Being pregnant for a woman is a great experience. It is a blessing that only woman can enjoy. Couples and parents always wanted to have a healthy baby.
Most of the couples want that their pregnancy to have less complications and pass without any obstacles. During pregnancy a woman body go through many changes which includes fatigue and nausea. Women’s need more care and rest in pregnancy, because their whole body becomes frangible and vulnerable.

Astrology tips for Pregnancy

Astrology suggest certain changes in the house which can help not only in couples in conceiving but also have a smooth pregnancy. Our experts listed some useful tips for pregnant women.
• Couples who want to conceive should always prefer to live in north-western room till the wife gets pregnant.
• In order to have hassle free and smooth pregnancy, we suggest that the pregnant women should sleep in the south-west room. If it is not possible, then a room in north-east side is also good.
• Astrology suggest that a pregnant women should avoid sleeping in the north-west side room.
• Pregnant women should sleep in the south direction.
• For a pregnant women bedroom color should be subtle, warm and pleasing such as light blues, yellow, white and pastel green.
• A room must have a bulb with blue color, because color blue known to have astringent-like qualities.

Venus and Mars

Planet Venus (Shukra) can create problems in your pregnancy, if it’s not positive. So astrology suggest that you should keep your house neat and clean.

Jupiter and Sun

Third month of pregnancy rotate round planet Jupiter that makes your baby obedient and bless with beautiful skin. And also makes your child sharp and clever. Fourth month of pregnancy is also very delicate and you should avoid taking acidic foods and try to have more water in copper glass.

Moon and Saturn

When the fifth month start the father should also start caring and make himself better in order to have his child to be like him. And women should wear a silver ring in themiddle finger and practice “AnulomVilom”. During sixth month should be good in order to have its benefits. Women should start intake juicy fruits and chant the "Om NamaShivaya" mantra.

Buddha and IshtaDevta

If you have a good mercury position, then your baby will not have any mental problems and will be active and intelligent.

The Moon

In the ninth month, the most crucial time starts for your child to take birth. The couple should avoid wearing dark colors and avoid all kinds of metals except silver.
In the end we would suggest you to follow the above things in order to have healthy and smart baby who will bring happiness and joy in your life.

  • Astrologer Pankaj Khanna is based in Janak Puri, New Delhi, India. He has earned name as renowned astrologer not only in India but all over the world.