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Property Prospect

Everyone dreams of having or buying a huge property. There are people who keep trying to buy a decent house in their entire lifetime but they do not succeed and there are people who don’t do anything at all but still they end up inheriting properties of their parents or ancestors.
Well in this issue Vedic Astrology can be the savior, it helps you on the basis of planetary position whether it is possible for you to buy a property or not. It also tell you about the time period when you are able to purchase a property. This can be done by the methods of astrology.

Know your property prospects in a Horoscope

In the “BrihatParasharaHoraShastra”, Maharishi Parashara has signified the role of the 4th house in the horoscope in judging property-related matters.

The nature of 4th house

If the ruler of the house is in the 4th house, then you are going to have various benefits. And it is also beneficial for you if you are planning to buy some property. People with such arrangements can buy land or vehicles.
If the lord of the 4th house is placed in its own sign or in own “Navamsha” and in its own sign of exaltation, the native gets the comforts of having land, conveyance, house and musical instruments.
If we examine the prospects on the basis of “Sanket Text", then the observations will be the following.
If Mercury is in the 4th house the house would be artistic, Moon gives a new house. Jupiter gives strong and durable house. Sun and “Ketu” give flimsy house, Saturn and “Rahu” give old house, Venus gives lovely house and Mars gives a building prone to fire.

Consult the right Astrologer for Property Prospect

There are so many astrology tips for property provide by astrologer. They tell various viewpoint on how you can take property related decisions that is based on the position of your planets in the horoscope.AstroPankaj is an experience and knowledgeable astrologer who will give you the right insight for your property prospect.
Property purchase is a very critical decision involving a huge financial investment. Therefore this topic must be considered along with money yoga (financial prospects) by studying the horoscope closely. For example, if the property has to be financed by the bank, then the role of 5th house and 6th house are very important.
Planet Mars indicate property and land, how it influence the 4th house is supreme. In the same way, it is also said that planet Venus and Jupiter are also very important, because they are also beneficial planets in the matter of property.

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