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Rahu Ketu Transit

Rahu and Ketu are about to change signs and create significant changes in your life. They are indicators of your past life karma and its role in shaping your present life situations. On August 18, 2017, planet Rahu, capable of generating interest in worldly comforts, wealth and luxuries enters the sign of Cancer and planet Ketu, capable of creating strong interest in spiritual enlightenment enters Capricorn on August 18, 2017 and will continue to remain in these signs until March 8, 2019.

This change to the Cancer- Capricorn axis has come after 18 years and the last time this transit happened was in 1999/2000. You should juggle back your memory and try to recall some events of your life during 1999/2000 to get a general direction of events that are going to unfold due to this Rahu-Ketu Transit.

This movement is the second major change of 2017 that would be destiny defining without you even knowing it. Closer to it and around September when the effects would peak, you would start getting the feeling of some unseen forces at work behind your back with you having little control over them. This is Rahu and Ketu making their presence felt through others in your life!

Rahu & Ketu are the two mystical planets which have a special significance in Vedic Astrology. Their transit assumes special meaning since their effects are highly pronounced & sudden. They are also one of the most feared planets. However, both are capable of doing much good when favorably placed in a chart.

You will have to to be very careful while making commitments as there may be issues later on and you will find it difficult to keep up your word. Problems in interpersonal relations are likely during this period and you will find it difficult to make others understand your views. It will be better to be more independent and self-reliant as dependence on others will only cause more confusion. By causinng isolation on certain instances, Rahu will make you realise your own potential; this will help you to emerge in a stronger manner and present yourself to others in a more balanced, refined manner. The Rahu transit in Cancer will teach how to act quickly based on your instincts and impulses.

The Ketu transit in Capricorn may cause problems in matters pertaining to health and overall well-being. Your ability to handle relationships may take a beating and you may face a bumpy path in marriage. The health of your spouse may also suffer during this phase. At times, there may be misunderstandings and heated up arguments without any valid reason.

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